Outstanding EXATEC

Tecnológico de Monterrey’s alumni stand out nationally and internationally for their commitment to building a better future for Mexico and the world, and for their contribution to the development of their communities and the different areas of knowledge. They are a model and a source of inspiration in the different sectors of society: science, business, media, medicine, sports, and arts. In addition, they excel in social or philanthropic activities, and in public and private sector functions, among others.

Paulo Lozano (IFI'93) (Industrial-Physicist Engineering '93)

The Mexican who wants to connect the whole world

Ángel Abbud-Madrid (IME'83) (Mechanical-Electrical Engineering)

Mining in the outer space: a Mexican will make it happen

Thelma de la Peña López (IIS'95) (Industrial and Systems Engineering '95

Leadership and commitment that promotes gender equality

Cristina Ocaña Núñez (LEM'03, MNL'11) (Marketing '03, MNL'11)

A marketer who advocates for inclusion in 3M

Gerardo Herrera (IFI'84) (Industrial Physics Engineering '84

Rebuilding the Big Bang, the mission in which a Mexican works

Rocio Medina (LEM'03) (Marketing '03)

The Mexican who breaks the pattern in Silicon Valley

Lorena Guillé (IIS'02, MAP'08) (Industrial and Systems Engineering ’02, Masters in Public Administration '08)

Restless and social by nature

Leticia Murray Acedo (LAE'04, MMT'06, MBA'14) (Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters in Marketing ‘06, Masters in Business Administration ’14))

The EXATEC that faces challenges and recognizes opportunities

Marisol Vázquez-Mellado Mollón (MNE'96)

Experience is her best weapon

Ricardo Weder Cisneros (IIS´) (Industrial and Systems Engineering)

Mexican Tec graduate takes global presidency of Cabify

Eduardo Alan Molina Flores (BIA´) (B.A. International Relations)

Eduardo Molina, “conquering the world” with WeWork

Guillermo Ruiz-Esparza (LBC'11; MC'16; DBT'14) (Bachelor in Biosciences, Masters of Science, PhD in Biotechnology)

A promise in the area of cardiovascular nanomedicine

Julio César Morales (IIA'82) (Engineering in Food Industries)

A manager who pays careful attention to the customer

Claudia de Heredia (LEM'06) (Marketing)

The Mexican idea under Google's magnifying glass

Marco Mascorro (IMT'10) (Mechatronics Engineering)

The robotic revolution in the hands of a Mexican

Christian Assad (MC'04) (Masters of Science)

The Mexican who “fixes hearts” with technology

Roberto Saint Martin (IMT'06) (Mechatronics Engineering)

The engineer who educates Mexico using robotics

Kirén Miret (LCC'02) (Bachelor of Science in Communication)

Kirén Miret, in search of sharks that hunt for entrepreneurs

Patricio Ibarra Jackson (LAF07) (Bachelor of Financial Administration)

From T-shirt "maker" to fashion industry entrepreneur

Mario Nissan Rajlevsky (IIS'07) (Industrial and Systems Engineering ‘07)

De un mundo ordenado y cuantitativo, entra a otro de creatividad pensamiento estratégico